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"Preserving Your Family's Legacy"

Revive Your Memories with Lethbridge's Premier Photo & Video Scanning Service!

Preserve your precious moments with our top-notch scanning and digitizing service.


At Shoebox Scanning, we understand the value of preserving your family's precious memories. Our mission is to safeguard your family's history for future generations by digitizing your photographs, slides, negatives, videotapes, and audio cassette tapes. These physical artifacts hold the moments that make you who you are, and we're here to ensure they're protected.


Why wait until the elements, pests, or natural deterioration due to aging takes a toll on these cherished memories? Act now and give your family legacy the attention it deserves.


When did you last gather with your loved ones, flipping through old photographs or reliving the moments captured on family videotapes? Often, these items remain on your to-do list, tucked away in dusty boxes. We specialize in breathing life back into these memories by digitizing them, granting you convenient access on your mobile devices. No more dragging out dusty albums or searching for outdated technology. With Shoebox Scanning, you can easily revisit your family's past anytime, anywhere.

Make today your rainy day. Let us put your mind at ease so you can sit with your loved ones and share the stories that shape your family's history. We go the extra mile by offering a pickup and delivery service as part of all our pricing packages. It's our way of ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for you.

Our dedication to preserving family legacies stems from a personal story. As a child, I tragically lost my brother, Clinton, to cancer. Today, the photos and videos we have are all that remains of his short life. I understand firsthand how devastating it would be to lose any of these precious memories. Now, no matter where we are in the world, we can sit down, relive his life, and share those cherished moments with others.

Your story is important to us; we're here to help you tell it. Let Shoebox Scanning assist you in preserving your family's legacy through digitized photos and videos of your life. It would be an honor to be a part of your journey.


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