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"Preserving Your Family's Legacy"



Preserve your family photographs, slides, negatives, videotapes, & audio cassette tapes. This physical history reflects all the moments that make you, well, you! Safeguard your family legacy for future generations by digitizing your precious memories today. Please don't wait until the elements, pests, or deterioration due to aging gets to them first. 

When was the last time you sat with your family, looked through old photographs, or watched those family videotapes? Often this is on your to-do list, but they sit in a box collecting dust. We can breathe life back into these memories by digitizing them so you can access them on your mobile devices, removing the need to drag them out each time you want to revisit your family's past. Make today your rainy day, and let us help put your mind at ease, so you can sit with loved ones and learn those stories. We even come to you, offering a pickup and delivery service as part of all pricing packages.

After losing my brother, Clinton, to cancer as a child, I learned the importance of family history. Now, all that remains of my brother's short life are photos and videos. Losing any of these would devastate my family and me. Once they are gone, there is no replacement. Now we can sit down anywhere in the world, relive his life, and share moments with others.  

This is my story.

Imagine how I can help you tell yours using digitized photos and videos of your life.


It would be my honor to help you preserve your family's legacy,

Mitchell Hall

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Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


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